On May the first, I began the 6 week Esperanto challenge. At the end of the six weeks, I must produce a five minute video presentation about any topic. The video will be judged and if I am found worthy, I win a paid one week vacation to any one of 4 or 5 places in the world where an Esperanto convention is being held.


I began this project with optimistic expectations. I began to accumulate vocab like crazy! This is easy because Esperanto is a constructed language and it was constructed from European languages two of which I speak  (Spanish and English if you must know).

Then I ran into the Akusativo or Accusative for those of you who ne parolas la lingvo internacia. It turns out that in Esperanto, there is the accusative case which requires you add a final ‘n’ to the direct object of a sentence. Whaaaaaaat??!! Darn it, grammar rears its ugly head!

So now I have to figure out the direct object in every sentence I utter. On the fly! Sigh! I suppose it is a small price to pay for learning a language with NO irregular verbs and with only 16 rules of grammar.

In spite of this, learning Esperanto has been a blast so far. Without having to worry about irregular verbs or any exceptions at all, I have been able to concentrate on actually speaking the darn thing. And although it is painful to hear me speak Esperanto right now, I can actually say quite a lot for having studied it only one week.

I am looking forward to a life-long affair with Esperanto.

On other matters, I really got to promote this blog. Right now, it’s relegated to the darkest corners of the Internet and no one is reading it. I haven’t promoted it because I felt I had nothing of interest to say yet since I haven’t really achieved fluency on any of the languages I’ve been studying. Maybe that’s just an excuse for my laziness.

Oh well. Ĝis!


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