From Cool to Clown in 60 seconds

I want to drop a note about a phenomenon that I have experienced recently that I don’t read about anywhere else in the language learning universe. This happens this way:

Somebody (upon seeing one of my language learning resources): “Oh, you’re learning X language! How cool!”

Same somebody, different day (upon seeing another of my language learning resources on a different language than the first time): “Wow, you are also studying X language??

Once again, same somebody noticing me studying yet a different language: “Oh, (eyes rolling) how many languages are you ‘studying’?”

For some reason, learning one foreign language at the time makes you cool but learning many at the same time, makes you a lamer. I don’t get it. It’s not like a go around flashing my references. I study in private as much as possible and I only speak of my hobby to like-minded people.

I know that it will take longer to learn those languages but as I said before, it makes it very interesting.

Thanks you for stopping by!


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