Lately, my Japanese has began to take shape. I have been acquiring vocabulary and I have found a set of graded readers that more accurately tell me where I am in the language. The books came from, check them out.

Also, I began to tackle Russian. I have been curious about  Russian for a long time but I didn’t acquire the foolish notion that I could learn it until recently. I am glad I did. I’m using the Colloquial series, the Michel Thomas Total Russian method, and this:


This book has gotten me further in the language than any course. I love learning with texts and the level of the book is well within my capabilities. I am super stoked because I have some direct experience with learning a language this way and I know where I will be with Russian once I finish this children’s book.

With Portuguese, I hit a small snag when my conversation partner moved back to Brazil. However, hope was renewed when I met an exchange student from Brazil the other night. He returns to Brazil in May so I better hurry.

I have audited Swahili and I think it is doable. Also, I began to look at Indonesian. In addition,I fully intend to tackle Turkish before January is over.

I began the Michel Thomas Total Arabic course again and I was surprised to see that I could still remember a lot. Since I want to start reading I began to practice the script. I should master it in a week. I have new books for Hindi, Punjabi, Romanian and Korean.

Finally, I have to get going with French. I want to be at a comfortable conversational level by the time the Polyglot Conference takes place in October. It will be held in Montreal and New York. I can’t wait!!

All in all, my confidence has increased. I now believe that Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese and Thai are all doable.