Learning With Texts

Recently, Benny the Irish Polyglot moved his public installation of Learning With Texts (LWT) to a new server. LWT is an application that lets you copy text from a text file and then learn a foreign language using the application.

It may not be your cup of tea but this approach can be used in tandem with other methods or by itself. It certainly appeals to me.

Anyway, as I was reading Benny’s latest post on his blog, He said that LWT is an open source project that can be downloaded from Sourceforge. In other words, you can install your own version of LWT on your computer!

Benny explains the reasons why you may want to install LWT on your computer.

If you are not technically proficient, you can ask a techie friend to help you with the install but the instructions were relatively straightforward.

At any rate, I installed LWT on my computer and I am stoked! You can learn ANY language you want using this method, provided you can get your hands on some text written on your target language (and with the Internet, that is 99.99% possible). I’ll keep you posted on what I find out.


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