After 12 days of studying Portuguese, I produced my first video where I speak only Portuguese. It is exactly what one would expect after studying a foreign language for only 12 days but I understand now that one must speak the target language right away. It is a magic that I cannot explain. Once you break that initial barrier, once you overcome that initial inertia, the language you’re studying becomes a living thing. It’s amazing.

Anyway, I will post a link to the video as soon as the captions are done processing. I just began messing with captions so they are not perfectly timed. My videos in the future should be better in that respect.

Another thing you must do when learning a foreign language, is find a group of like-minded individuals. It is an excellent form of moral support. I highly recommend you look for the #add1challenge by Brian Kwong on YouTube. The first challenge is a tremendous success, near 100 people signed up for it and Brian formed a special group on Facebook where everybody posts updates and such and other people encourage you and give you tips.

Unfortunately, due to some misunderstandings on my part, I had to leave the group and continue on my own but there is no doubt in my mind that Brian is onto something with the challenge.

So, I am excited to see where I am this time next year. I fully expect to be at a mid level with Japanese and be completely fluent in Portuguese. After December 31st 2013, I am going to tackle Italian and French in preparation for the Polyglot conference in October 2014. I have the feeling that I can add 8 languages next year and be at a least at a mid level by end of the year. I say this because at least 3 of the languages I’m shooting for are Romance languages (Italian, French, and Romanian) and one is a close cousin to English (German). After struggling with Japanese, I have a sense that other languages will be easier, mostly because I’ve acquired better learning tools throughout the process.

Thank you for stopping by!


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