The #add1challenge

Well, the first week since I joined the #add1challenge has come and gone.  The #add1challenge, in case you haven’t heard, was created by Brian Kwong and it is designed to bring together a bunch of people who are trying to learn or improve a foreign language for the purposes of supporting each other.

I have put in the work with Portuguese and I plan on making my first Portuguese video this weekend to post it in the FB group on Monday.

I was struck by how many people from Latin America are participating, especially from Mexico. Also, I think it’s interesting that many of the participants have been studying their target language for a long time and are seeking to apply themselves more to their studies. I think that the people who are starting from scratch are in the minority in the group.

It will be fun to see how every body does in their final update and how many people will consider their goal achieved.

I need to go through all the participants and reach out to all the Portuguese learners. It takes a village!

Thank you for looking.


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