Benny put’s it in perspective!

I just watched Benny the Irish Polyglot‘s latest video where he announces that his next language mission is Japanese. I already knew from his tweets that he was tackling Japanese next but in the video he said something that flipped something in my head; He said that he was not going to study Japanese to speak Japanese at some point in the future but that he was going to study Japanese to get what he needed on a daily basis to aid in his conversations in Japanese!


That means that starting with the only three words he already knows in Japanese: ありがとう、さよなら、and 頑張って, (thank you, goodbye, and do your best, respectively) he will begin building his Japanese vocabulary but he intends to start speaking Japanese today!

Double Wow.

That’s an entirely different way of looking at this whole language learning gig! I have been studying Japanese on and off for a year now and I can speak very little. That’s because I have been doing exactly what Benny is not; that is, I am learning Japanese to speak it at some point in the future when I know enough Japanese.

Can you say “thesecretisoutandnowIcanlearnanylanguageIwantforrealthistimeandnotjustmessaround”?

And now that I think about it, that’s exactly how I learned to speak English! I started speaking the minute I landed here and all the learning I did in my English classes were to aid this speaking thing and not the other way around!


Just wanted to share with you!



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