The power of persistence

When I began studying Japanese on my own, I found a number of resources that I knew were good at an instinctive level. They made no sense to me at the time but I made a note of them for future reference. Once in a while, I would revisit them and and they still didn’t make sense.

One of these resources is Kira Teachings. I found kira sensei on YouTube a while ago.  I just began reviewing his lessons again and wow! they are clear as a bell! I attribute this new found understanding to the fact that I stuck to the process. I’ve learned a lot since the first time I encountered kira sensei. Now his lessons are bearing fruit and expanding my knowledge of the Japanese language by leaps and bounds.

Kira sensei teaches in Spanish and Japanese so unless you speak Spanish, you won’t be able to benefit from the lessons. But if you do speak Spanish, I highly recommend this resource.


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