Learn one, learn another!

It seems to me as I travel down the road to multilingualism, that it only makes sense to learn languages in groups.

Take Japanese for example. I am having such a struggle to make it my own. Once I get to fluency in Japanese, why waste all the effort I put into learning it by just learning Japanese? I hear Korean is very close in structure and tonality. I fully plan to tackle Korean once I feel at home with Japanese.

Same thing with the Romance languages. I speak Spanish already and Spanish feels like a second skin to me. Why waste this proficiency with Spanish? No way! I am learning Italian, Portuguese, French, and Romanian as well.

Egyptian Arabic? Again, once I feel I can construct sentences at will and with ease, I am learning Modern Standard Arabic and after that, I plan on learning Farsi and Hebrew. Maybe, after that, I will attempt another colloquial Arabic language; Moroccan perhaps.

It’s amazing that I am considering learning all these languages when a year ago I believed it was impossible to learn one more besides English and Spanish.


Thank you for looking!


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