Big Announcements

First, I decided to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test or JLPT. It is offered in the U.S. only once a year in December. Registration begins on August 26. The closest place where I can drive to is Fayetteville, Arkansas. I am totally stoked about this!

I ordered what I thought was the preparation book for the N5 level test. The N5 level is the easiest level. N1 is the hardest. The book I got however, is for levels 1 and 2! The book has a total of 9 English words, all of them on the cover. No problem I say. I have until August 26 to decide if I can make N1. If I decide to go for it, I have until December to learn the material in the book. No sweat. LOL!

Second, I was speaking to a friend about my polyglot project and he told me that his church had attempted to set up a Spanish class but they had not been able to find a reliable teacher. The end result of the conversation is that we will organize a Spanish class, at his church, every Wednesday night. Cool eh?

Third, I bought the Total Russian course by the Michel Thomas folk. I previewed it the other day and it is as effective as I expected. In fact, I believe the Total Russian course takes you farther than the other language courses I have by them. I think that the MT courses get you to a low mid level of mastery. The Chinese course gets you to a mid to high beginner lever (in my opinion) but the Russian one seems to go pretty far. I would venture that you end up at a high mid level and that it wouldn’t take much more to get you to a high level of mastery of Russian.

I believe at this point I have all the languages I will work on for the foreseeable future: Japanese, Egyptian Arabic, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Mandarin, and Russian. Once I feel comfortable with Japanese, I will add Korean. Fun!

Thank you for stopping by!


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