A New Resource For Language Learners

Today I received my invitation to join a brand new web site for learning languages. The site is called Bliu Bliu and it uses an interesting approach to learning languages.

There are 12 languages listed as available at this time but you can ask to learn new ones from a long list. As more people show interest on these other languages, I believe they will be added to the active list of languages.

You are given text in your chosen language with all the words highlighted. You un-highlight the words you know and the next text you get comes with those words not highlighted.

You press a button and new text is served. As you move along, less and less words are highlighted as your increase your vocabulary.

You also have the choice of selecting music videos that have been transcribed so that you may follow along with the singer in the language you are learning.

The site is on Beta testing and I believe you can only join by invitation at this time but I bet soon, it will be open to the public. I could be wrong about this however and you definitely should try to join.

Thank you for looking!


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