More on the Michel Thomas Total Arabic method

I continue to be impressed with this course. I am starting the fourth CD. I am excited to go through the whole set to see if I can make a video at the end.

One word of advice however, if you purchase any of the courses from the Michel Thomas people, do exactly as they say. Do find a quiet place. Do construct the phrases when asked and do press the pause button when you do.

This method is not effective while driving or while answering emails or while watching TV. Really. You will speak Arabic (or whatever language you choose) in a few hours if you give the material all your attention. It is like magic. It really is.

I got the Arabic course for Christmas as a gift. I have since ordered the Total Japanese course. I sampled the Total Japanese course via my iPhone and I can already tell my Japanese will fly through the roof when I get the CDs! You can download the courses from the iTunes store if you use an iPhone or an iPad. You can buy them one hour at the time. If you go this route, you won’t have to wait for the CDs. I bought the Total Japanese set from

Invest a little effort and time and you too will be as astonished as I am at the results.

Thank you for stopping by!


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