Completed my first 200 kanji pack

When I began to learn the kanji in earnest, I decided that I would make 10 packs of 200 kanji each. I figured that way I would have 2000 kanji at my disposal for review at any time.

For starters, I made actual physical flashcards. It’s kind of medieval I know, since most everyone uses a computer for their flashcards but I wanted the ability to take my cards everywhere and I also like the feel of the cards in my hands. So far I’ve completed 600 flashcards and have learned the 200 kanji in my first pack.

I think I have enough flashcards made to keep me busy until next Monday. During the weekend I’ll try to make another 600 flashcards. It is time consuming I tell you but it will be worth it when I can read the Japanese novel I bought last month.

kanji flashcards

Labor intensive but worth it

I am using a really cool pen that I bought God-knows-when (Faber-Castell PITT artist pen). I was rustling through my art supplies when I found it. It does ok for now. My calligraphy is horrible but I hope it will improve over time.

As I said before, I also want to learn the kanji actively. To do this, I want to start with the English word and then write the kanji for that word from memory. This, I feel, would be best accomplished if I can generate a list of words and after I successfully write all the kanji for that list, re-order the list of words or even change some or all of the words on the list. I need to find a word-list randomizer or write my own.

Thank you for looking!


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