130 kanji learned

I began Friday evening and stopped just now, Sunday evening. Using the techniques in the book Remembering the Kanji by J.W. Heisig, I managed to learn 130 new kanji. In between adding new kanji to my set of flashcards to learn, I also practiced the kanji from English to Japanese, that is, I turned the cards over and drew the kanji for each English word. I did that in an effort to add the new kanji to my active vocabulary.

I am very excited. I am going to be super busy this coming week with work but I may manage to add another 100 or 200 new kanji during the week.

I bought a Japanese novel when I was in Kansas City for a Japanese Festival a few weeks ago and I believe I am a few weeks away from being able to read it. I am aware that there will be kanji in the novel that are not part of the 2000 or so kanji in Heisig’s book. I am not worried however, because Heisig wrote  two more books and volume 3 of his series adds 1000 or so new kanji to the original 2000.

I am stoked!

Thank you for stopping by.


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