I began learning the Arabic script this week. It’s not too bad. I think that learning Arabic will be easier for me than learning Japanese. I am really struggling with getting my mind to think Subject-Object-Verb! I’ll get there, I am not worried about that; I just don’t think that it will happen as soon as I had hoped.

So Arabic uses an alphabet, much like the Romance languages I am used to, and the script is not that bad. There are groups of characters that repeat with the addition of small marks such as dots to differentiate among them. The script is cursive only. The pronunciation of Arabic is fairly straightforward with the exception of the glottal stops which are foreign to my English/Spanish speaking brain. I am very excited about learning this language!

My Italian is coming along as well. I think of all the languages I intend to learn, Italian will be the easiest for me to get. I was going through The Big Green Book of Italian Verbs by Katrien Maes-Christie and Daniel Franklin, and many of the verbs therein practically translated themselves into Spanish!
Also, I have been watching Italian videos on YouTube and if the person(s) in the video speaks at medium speed, I can almost understand 50% of what they are saying already.

My first Japanese video keeps getting postponed mostly due to a number of other projects that demand my time and attention at home. I am pumped about making it!

And as long as I am talking about making a first video in Japanese, I had been thinking lately that I should not have waited this long to make a video. Even if my language skills are so basic that I come across sounding like one of those Native Americans in American Westerns from the 50’s, the important thing is to break down that initial resistance. Improvements will come as I continue my studies. So my advice to any aspiring polyglots out there is: START SPEAKING! even if it is stuff like “Me David. Me want to learn speak.”

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