New Japanese Resources

I am very excited because I ordered some new books from the Internet on learning Japanese.

The first one that got here is Japanese Sentence Patterns for Effective Communication by Taeko Kamiya.


All set to effectively communicate

I lightly reviewed the material in this book yesterday (it came yesterday) and I really, really like it! You get 142 Japanese sentence patterns, plus a brief but very informative explanation of the elements of the sentence AND you get other examples, AND you get exercises with answers. This is an excellent book to get going really quickly with the Japanese language.


I was trying to become more familiar with the Japanese language before I made my first Japanese video but I see now that this was a mistake. I should have started making videos the very first week I began learning. I realized that the point of learning a new language is to speak it, even if you make a lot of mistakes. Speaking the language is so important that one should begin right away and work on the mistakes later.

With that in mind, I was planning to make my first video this weekend but alas, I will be busy and away so I may make a video or I may not. Seems like a lot of drama for a video of me butchering the Japanese language!

Oh well.

Thank you for stopping by!


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