Progress…or the lack thereof desu ne!

I continue on my quest to become a polyglot. I think to gain that title, I have to speak at least six languages fluently. I already speak English and Spanish fluently (plus I know them very well) and I am in the process of learning Japanese.

That is to say, I am making very little progress in learning Japanese. I have accomplished a number of things in the first month however:

1) I learned the Kana (Hiragana and Katakana)
2) I’ve learned around 20 Kanji.
3) I’ve learned a number of phrases.
4) I’ve listened to enough Japanese by native speakers that now, Japanese has a structure when I listen to it.

But my biggest accomplishment this month, has been to solve the mystery of desu ne. As I was watching videos on YouTube by native Japanese speakers, I noticed that the phrase desu ne occurred often in their speech. So I looked it up. Everywhere I looked, I was told that the phrase meant isn’t it? However, the sheer number of times the phrase occurred led me to believe that this phrase wasn’t being used that way. I mean, I watched an interview in a Japanese documentary and this man, by all appearances a business man, used the phrase about 25 times in the space of a minute or two!
So I finally found a website where this phrase was explained to my satisfaction. It turns out that desu ne is also a phrase akin to the Canadian eh or the American you know? and equally as overused.

So there, that’s my report on my polyglot experience thus far.

Oh, I also received my Pimsleur Quick Vietnamese course on the mail! I really like it! It’s all audio and so far the method makes sense to me. The Quick Vietnamese course consists of 8 lessons in 4 compact discs. The course was only $9.99 but there is a caveat; I will receive in the mail, additional materials on this language and if I decide to keep them, all I have to pay are four easy payments of around $70 each. Now, I like this Pimsleur stuff already and I think I may bite on this easy payment thing. I’ll keep you posted.

Also, my language list has been revised thus:


I think these 4 languages will get me my Polyglot title and you know I will be making me some business cards when I finally get there!

Thank you for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Progress…or the lack thereof desu ne!

  1. Bravo for you for taking up such a.. well, quite frankly such a big challenge! I have faith in you and I look forward to seeing your success stories along the way! You make me feel not-so-alone as I work towards my current goals of learning (at least a good chunk of) Japanese, French, Spanish, and ASL before I’m out of high school. Gokoūn o inorimasu!

    • どうもありがとうございます!

      Thank you for your encouraging words! Trust me, I understand very well the troubles and tribulations of the budding polyglot! Not the least of which is to find the time and motivation to study and practice!

      And thank your for stopping by!

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