Learning the parts of speech

Attempting to become a polyglot can sure take you in unexpected directions.

I had not intended to review my High School English skills. I really thought I was going to do what others have done and just speak the language. I’ve found however, that so many instructional materials use the parts of speech as a spring board to learning the language that I might as well know them well.

So I began to reacquaint myself with subject, object, verb, adverb, adjectives, conjunctions, prepositional phrases  etc, etc.

I figure it can only help, so long as I don’t get hung up on this and miss actually using Japanese.

I am still working on my first video. The first version was so boring and I was so stressed that it could be possible for people to pass out while watching it so I didn’t post it. I returned to the books to try to make the speech a little more lively. Hopefully I can have something up within the week.

Oh yeah, and I figured I may be able to start my Italian language training by the end of September, which will mark my second month of learning Japanese. I listened to an audio book in Italian and I was able to understand 40% to 50% of the content. And since I won’t have to learn a new script –or three as is the case for Japanese, it could work.

Also, I am buying a drawing tablet tomorrow to add some illustrations to this blog as it is kind of visually coma-inducing. I suppose I could make an effort to take pictures as well.


We’ll see. Thank your for looking!


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