Ready to kick it up a notch

As I began to teach myself Japanese, I knew right away that somehow I needed to learn a lot of language to make my first video interesting. As I began to put sentences together my script read like a kindergarten book. “I am David”. “I live in Kansas”. “I study Japanese”. “See Spot run”.

As it turns out, finding connecting words is how many polyglots go about learning new languages fast. And lucky for me, many of these polyglots are generous and share their ideas and techniques with the world. One of my favorite polyglots out there is laoshu a.k.a. Moses McCormick. He calls these connecting words Road Running Words and he has a website where he can help you learn a new language pretty fast: RoadRunning Language Camp.

Anyway, Moses also has a series of videos on YouTube where he shares this idea of learning connecting words to begin speaking a foreign language fast. Look for him in YouTube by searching for laoshu505000. I have began looking up the words he recommends plus some of my own with the aim of producing my first Japanese only video. I am very excited!

Thank you for looking!


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