Resources for Japanase

I continue on my quest to speak Japanese fluently in 3 months. To that end, I’ve learned the kanas and I’ve begun to look at the kanji. Also, I began to study a little bit of the structure of the Japanese language.

Since delving too heavily into the guts of the language may actually keep me from learning how to speak it quickly, I opted for a Japanese language book that focused on speaking the language. I found Japanese Step by Step by Gene Nishi to fit the bill quite nicely.

Book cover

Easy cheesy…

For my study of the kanji, I selected Essential Kanji by P.G. O’Neill. I bought this book before I knew that there were easier books on kanji but I decided to stick with it because it’s all about memorizing anyway and I can conjure up my own mnemonic devices to remember the kanji.

It’s all kanji to me

In addition to these books, I am making heavy use of YouTube to listen to spoken Japanese by native speakers. I’ve found a number of Japanese vloggers and I have found many videos of Japanese shows. I also plan on watching a lot of Japanese movies.

Thank you for looking!


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