Hiragana I don’t wanna

Once again I am sabotaging my own success by doing what I always do when starting something new, and that is, I spend all my time getting ready to learn and I do little actual learning. So I spent the first week of my Japanese learning project collecting resources and making charts but doing very little practicing.

So far I’ve learned only the vowels, the ka and sa sounds. I was supposed to have learned the whole Hiragana set in the first week. Sigh!

Oh well, I guess I still have today and the weekend to make up for it. Last night I found a really cool iPhone app called Kana which should let me catch up by the end of the day. It uses flashcards and mnemonic devices to memorize the kana.

So much of learning a new language is just figuring out how you’re going to go about it. I hope I can discover a methodology that works for me that I can apply to the other languages I will be learning.

Wish me luck!


One thought on “Hiragana I don’t wanna

  1. Hiragana was what “the ladies of the court” used for writing… and the putos too I suppose….but, katakana was what the chingones used and it’s easier I think…just sayin

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