The First Six

The first six languages that will be part of my polyglot experience (as of right now anyway) are:

Spanish is my native language. Some people say that it is lame to include one’s native language as part of a polyglot’s languages but hey, Spanish is a language and I speak it so I will count it. One down, five to go 🙂

I speak English because I live in the U.S. and it is hard to live here without speaking it. English is like a second native language to me since I’ve been speaking it for over 30 years now. Again, I will count it.

I know next to nothing about Japanese at this point but it would be foolish not to learn it since my Karate class is an environment where one is encouraged to learn and practice Japanese. I have been working on learning the Hiragana script for two days now.

I think Italian will be a fun language to learn. I can understand about 50% of spoken Italian already.

Arabic is a language that is very relevant today. Also, it is spoken widely in the Middle East (I think anyway). Last, my maternal grandfather was an Oriental from somewhere in the Middle East so I claim the right to speak this language.

I just want to be able to sing Samba songs and understand them. Also, wouldn’t it be fun to watch Brazilian soccer in it’s native language? I hope that both Portuguese and Italian are easier for me to learn because of my mastery of Spanish. I know very well though, that both Italian and Portuguese are very different from Spanish regardless of their shared roots.

Depending on how I do with these first six languages I may venture into other languages. Heck, depending on how I do with Japanese, I may decide three languages are enough! Be that as it may, I have an interest in other languages such as Cahita, the language of the Yoeme people of Sonora in Mexico and Arizona in the U.S. That’s gonna be a hard one mostly because there aren’t many resources available to learn it. I have Yoeme blood both from my father and mother. Other languages that interest me are German, Russian, and French. Last, I would like to take a crack at Vietnamese because I have lots and lots of people to practice with around here.

Hasta Luego y gracias por visitar!



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